One of my first memories is the moment I discovered I was a Sagittarius and wanted to know what it meant.  Borderline Asperger’s means I remember every date of significance and that enables me to see patterns.  At school I was always drawn to Science and Philosophy and went on to read Natural Sciences; Biology, Philosophy and Theology at Durham University.  I selected modules ranging from Molecules in Action, to God and The World, Philosophy of Religion and Ethical Issues in the History of Medicine.  It was all connected, even if it didn’t seem obvious!

After University I went to live in Rome and found a job working as a Tour Guide at The Vatican where I learnt more about Antiquity, the Renaissance and the Religions of the world (artwork in The Vatican has been ‘appropriated’ from all over the world.)

Returning to the UK I enrolled on a Masters course Corporate Governance and Business Ethics where I completed a project on FIFA as part of a group.  One member of the group wished me happy birthday saying, “have a great day but I’ve always hated Sagittarius!”  I replied saying, “haha, very funny, what are you… Gemini, or Cancer?  What’s your rising sign, that’s the most important bit!”  He replied, “I’m Gemini rising Cancer, how on earth did you do that!?”  I told him that I was a “fantastic astrologer!” but soon realised he was better than I was! Eventually after lots more twists and turns I realised that this could be a career to pursue, stupidly it didn’t occur to me until 2014!   I’m in my second year at The London School of Astrology and spend most of my spare time reading, writing, talking, dancing, going to yoga, drinking herbal tea, drinking coffee, drinking cider, taking photos, befriending animals and relaxing under trees.