Moving on from the paradox of Aquarius we are left with Pisces who effortlessly MERGES ideas and ideals. Pisces has no boundaries. A romantic, sensitive soul who not only empathizes with those around him, Pisces FEELS what other people feel; particularly their suffering. Pisces seeks out those in pain and feeds off their energy, healing them and simultaneous healing themselves. It is through investigation of the self and others that Pisces can unravel themselves, gain understanding and insight that enables them to become whole. Pisces are big dreamers, not all of them will be artists, cooks, alcoholics and musicians… Fish are capable of manifesting their big dreams. Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, Pisces has the luck, optimism and explorative soul of Sagittarius; they also have the intuition, creativity and confusion that Neptune infuses. This can lead to BIG over indulgence, alcoholism and huge boundless depression, but it can also work the other way. Jupitarian insights, big dreams, luck and opportunity that stems from their intuition. As the ‘oldest’ and wisest sign of the zodiac it is up to Pisces to untangle themselves and manifest their highest insightful dreams.