Where Scorpio is private and secretive, Sagittarius is decidedly OPEN. Your Sagittarius friend will turn up, lay all their cards on the table, tell you everything they think, fall over your feet, accidentally say something else they weren’t supposed to tell you and then leave. Optimistic to the extreme, Sagittarius is not worried about over-sharing; they see the best in everyone so why wouldn’t you? It’s a little naïve, but it works out as most people sense good natured intentions and don’t take offence. Sagittarius is a non-committal, immature energy that wants to roam free, discover, share ideas, eat, drink, be merry and then do it all again. JK Rowling has a great knowledge of astrology and Hagrid is your classic Sagittarius archetype; over sized, foot in mouth, big heart, love of nature and all things foreign, loud, clumsy, independent, generous, blunt, reckless and relentlessly optimistic.  Blind optimism is lovely but it can lead you down the wrong path on more than one occasion!  Sagittarius will not be put off by these disappointments, licking their wounds for a short while they will soon bounce back with renewed optimism and the belief that life is generally good.