Chart Reading

Your natal chart is a snapshot of the sky, taken at your moment of birth.  The position of the planets and  the way they interact reveals in astounding amount about your life choices, desires, needs, talents and drives.  To complete a reading I need the information you see in this image; your exact date, time and place of birth.

Anyone who doesn’t have their time of birth, we can try and work it out; there is always a solution.  (FYI this is not my date of birth, it’s just a date I love… a personal renaissance.)  The reason I love that date is because the transits at that time really activated a previously unseen feature of my personality.  That is something we look at in chart readings; how the current planetary positions ‘talk to’ or interact with our natal chart. The birth chart is very personal, the way transits effect us is also v. personal.  Just one of the reasons I am not into more generalised horoscopes. I don’t understand why astrologers dilute astrology this way.  Sun sign horoscopes are not simplified astrology (simplifying is a noble task) diluting is to weaken the essence of what astrology is and that is not a good thing.

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How It Work

If you decide to have a reading with me I will look at your chart and really familiarise myself with the aspects, transits, progressions, directions; i.e., I will do the math!  I will call or email you and ask a few questions based on what I pick up and ascertain what it is you want from the reading.  This will usually range from sheer curiosity to career questions or relationship questions.

Our conversation will be recorded (unless you do not want a recording) and will be 90 – 120 minutes long.

I will send you the recording so that you can listen back in a few days / years.

The cost of the reading is £120.

The cost of a reading that includes an arty print of your chart in your choice of colour is £150 (see my Etsy shop for more details.)

After the reading you have 7 days to send me an email with any questions or points that you would like to have clarified and I will happily reply in full.  I know that a reading can be overwhelming and there can be one question that rattles in your head at night.