Bring School Home – Capricorn Season!

Start date: 10th January 2018

End date: 30th June 2018

Location: London

It’s always been my mission to give astrology to the people (so to speak!)  To take away the perplexing mystery and show how it works.

It’s great running these events and I will bring them to your home or workspace?  Calling all co-working spaces.. I’m here!

This will be the format:

  • Grab a group of friends who want to spend the evening learning about astrology.
  • Send time, date and place of birth in advance so I can prep and print your charts.
  • We will spend 90 minutes talking about the chart, what it is and how it works.
  • 60 minutes question time.
  • 20% off in depth chart readings for anyone who attends the event.
  • 20% of chart prints for anyone who attends the event.
  • Optional Angel Energy Healing meditation at the end of the event… if that’s your bag!

Minimum 6 people @ £25 per person

7 – 13 people @ £20 per person


Contact me on to book 🙂

She’s Lost Control – Live Readings

Date: 24th March 2018

Time: 10-4

Location: She's Lost Control

She’s Lost Control – Live Readings

Astrology was a once well respected science and today it is ‘having a moment’. As people look to know themselves better and seek answers from outside of themselves, an astrology reading acts as a reminder that you already have all the answers inside of yourself.