Product Description

An astrological star chart that marks a birth, anniversary or special date.

A natal chart is a blueprint, the precise position of the planets at the time you were born is unique to you and you alone. Basically, a natal chart is a symbolic photograph of the skies at any given moment and can mark any birth, union or beginning.

Please tell me what you would like written on the chart and precisely the format you would like to see:

Name of person whose chart it is
– Their time of birth
– Their place of birth
– Their date of birth


– What you would like written

The charts are A4 and printed on high quality photographic paper.

Where possible I post with recycled wrapping – if you would like me to gift wrap I will wrap + post neatly in a royal mail postage box.

10% of proceeds will go to The International Refugee Fund I chose this charity because the charts show that we are all one. One universe, one connection. We are all unique formations of the same stardust, stuck on a planet flying through space. I think it’s good to remember that and remember someone displaced who has ‘lost’ so much of their identity by living as a refugee. Celebrate someone’s identity and contribute to the rebuilding of someone else’s.

Any questions, please do get in touch!

Big love,

Francesca Oddie