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Teeki Leggings with 10% off here!  Comfy, flattering and eco.  Go get em! Click here.

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Product Description

I love a legging.

Especially these;

“PLASTIC IS OVER 🌏 each year, roughly 70 million barrels of oil are used to produce virgin polyester for our clothing. We can change how its done! That is why teekis are made from fabric that is spun from fibers made out of recycled plastic water bottles ♻️ then cut, printed, and hand sewn with LOVE in the US using only environmentally friendly practices. 🇺🇸 in the end, 2/3 less energy is used in manufacturing our recycled pants. That’s a win for our earth’s resources! 💙 Please take notice of the clothes you wear and do what you can to help. Our planet needs us. Tread lightly.

Comfy, very comfy and designs to lift your heart!

Use THIS LINK for 10% off these new zodiac leggings!


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