Where Leo needs to be the boss, Virgo thrives as the PA. Organised, helpful, conciliatory, detail driven, obedient, neat, tidy and kind; Virgo is a fantastic worker. Virgos are so prone to worry and anxiety, they generally do not want to take the lead and are happy with the support of security and routine. Virgos are good fun, reliable and very concerned with health.  Virgo is very materialistic; quality, over quantity but ideally quality and quantity! They love a bargain, but it has to be good quality.  Altogether, Virgo is an interested, thoughtful, kindly friend who notices everything and is partial to a party and a glass of vino. I’ve not seen this written anywhere but 99% of Virgos that I know love a drink to help them forget their worries and are prone to having one too many!  Funny, observant, critical, concerned, thrifty, leggy and reliable.  They are generally a smiling, good looking bunch with a whirlpool of thought and anxiety under the surface. Relax Virgo, it’s going to be OK!