Well well.  Here we have it Love and War.

A Full Moon in Libra opposing The Aries Sun.  On a v basic level Libra represents, harmony, love, beauty and balance.  On a v basic and extreme level Aries represents action, anger and assertiveness.  All the ‘a’ words for Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.

However, actions speak louder than words and the Aries who goes out and makes it happen for the person they love is more romantic than the Libran who constantly poses the alternative perspective (i.e. is contrary, provocative and antagonistic.)

BALANCE.  All the signs work in a ping pong, north-south, attraction and repulsion where at some mystical, IDEAL point… they meet in the middle and celebrate their differences.  For about 5 minutes, after lots of wine.  Most of the time life and relationships are a balancing act that require trapeze artist skills that almost none of us possess.  So we fall off, get up and try again.

LOVE and relationships are what Full Moons are about, this opposition!  Particularly this moon because my number one BABE Venus has just gone home to Taurus (insert 1000 heart emojis) and Venus also rules Libra.  I love Venus and I love Taurus, I loves the sensual enjoyment, the food, the PLEASURE, the easy attractive powers of Venus and Taurus so this really is a time to luxuriate and eat all the choc!

Mars (ruler of Aries) is being tamed with Saturn in Capricorn also forming a T-Square to the Full Moon.  I.e. DISCIPLINE and moderation eases this imbalance.  Venus is just leaving Uranus,  wow so LIBERATED!  The free woman who goes out and does what she wants!  Venus is pretty liberal anyway, I think Venus at 0 Taurus  just leaving Uranus is out to party.

Just be honest about what you love whilst you are alive.

Work hard, focus on the goal and let your hearts desire drive you.

Mars in Capricorn is all about focus, achievement and delayed put potentially prolonged success.  Venus in Taurus with Uranus is all about tapping into our instincts and then being really super authentic about what we love.  These guys are the dispositors of our Sun (Mars rules Aries)  and Moon (Venus rules Taurus).  Some retrograde action from Mercury is giving us time to rethink our direction.  LOVE.  Don’t be driven by headstrong saturnine focus and ambition. At some point true love knocks on our door and all that ambition will go out the window… The attractive power of Venus in Taurus has a strong pull!

I don’t know the question, but love is the answer.

There’s no point climbing halfway up the mountain and then realising that you don’t even want to be there!  Good for fitness, but not good on making the most of your time here on earth.

Mars and Saturn together is not usually a sign of hilarity and fun.  The two malefics brewing up a storm!  There is a Mars Saturn thread in my family.  All the men (and me, natch) have a Mars Saturn aspect… they are determined and relentless.  Frank always says that having Mars Saturn together is like driving around with your foot flat out on the accelerator… and the brake at the same time.  With this Mars Saturn at the apex of the T Square, we find release through… that?   Well prolly not, it’s thorough, slow, pragmatic and a well thought-out building process.


Putting that in English – acknowledge, assess and work on building a strong bridge between you and the people you love!  It’s not a quick process, it’s a lifetime’s work!  


Lunation by house – this is best if you know your rising sign but you can work with these indicators if you have no idea!

1st house

Libra Rising

Try actually telling people what you want instead of expecting them to be telepathic, work on building something with someone you love?  Cooking a meal together counts!  Don’t let them call all the shots!


2nd House

Virgo Rising

This is so superficial… but… shopping?  Maybe you’ve been stashing all the cash.  The Full Moon in Libra values beauty and your appearance.  Don’t go mad, you could buy one quality thing that will last?  Or even just look at what you already have and look polished this weekend.


3rd House

Leo Rising

– Your eye might always be on the horizon and the big dreams, perhaps it’s time to sort out the to do list and battle with the detail.  The devil lies in the detail I’m afraid? Enlist a pal or lover who will help you sort yourself our and eliminate the excess tasks that are not serving you.


4th House

Cancer Rising

Work work work work – been working?  Been busy? Been achieving and stressed?  It’s time to cook, hang out with the family and cuddle on the sofa.  Guess what, you’ll be able to work MUCH more efficiently if you actually take a break!  Have a kit kat!


5th House

Gemini Rising

You’re a sociable type anyway and now that spring is here perhaps people are getting in touch and suggesting dinner, drinks and a “catch up.”  That’s fine if that’s what you want to do but does that represent fun to you?  Creativity is intelligence having fun – what do you find to be fun?  If it’s not sitting in a bar listening to other people, don’t go.


6th House

Taurus Rising

Been feeling a recent sense of longing? A pull to a higher calling?  To find meaning and peace somewhere?  Perhaps the urge to escape is strong now, but it’s in work, routine, health and diet that we can find peace.  The body knows before the mind.  Look after your body and nature will do the rest.


7th House

Aries Rising

A ripe moon that suggests perhaps it’s time to think before you act.  Aries is great for making things happen but at this time, chill out a bit, listen to other people and use their advice wisely, it’s a more efficient way to work.  Standing on the shoulders of giants.  Take the time to spend some of your bubbling energy on a partner you love.


8th House

Pisces Rising

So, interesting one.  There’s a choice here of settling debts, checking out your end of year savings, monitoring things before the end of the tax year and being super brave in your most intimate relationships.  This can include your friendships, how well are you trusting the people around you?


9th House

Aquarius Rising

Analysis Paralysis vibes. We can analyse the detail all day long but until you book the trip, book the course or take the leap, nothing will happen.  There is a place of belief beyond our rational understanding. Deep breaths and go explore it.


10th House

Capricorn Rising

This is interesting.  As much as you might be working to provide for your family, working hard to earn money and provide security.  Is your career for YOU?  Are you doing what you love the most or is it the most financially safe option? How do you want to be remembered?  What is your calling?  Work towards that, at least part time.


11th House

Sagittarius Rising

Your children and creative projects may be really fascinating, talented and interesting TO YOU, but not everyone cares, so tone it down a little and chat amongst some other people with different lives and different experiences.  Always keep your perspective broad.  Not everyone shares your beliefs and optimism in everything you see and your gift of enthusiasm must always be stretched so that it doesn’t get preachy.


12th House

Scorpio Rising

With the moon in the 12th house it’s time to get zen. Meditation, yoga, a dog walk ON YOUR OWN.  Write your journal and turn the bloody phone OFF.  Osho says that Tantra and spiritual bliss is found in knowing when to sack off the routine and do what feels joyful to you.  So abandon the diet, the routine and the to do list and get in the bath.  You are welcome.


Failing that – go out on Saturday night and dance till dawn!


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Chocolate Love,

F xxxx