Fixed Air? How does that work? Only an Aquarian can live with being FIXED AIR… whilst being simultaneously loyal (fixed) but impossible to pin down (air.) Aquarius is a paradox. Ruled by Saturn and Uranus this is not surprising! Saturn rules Capricorn and all things serious, hierarchical and regulated a. Also, Uranus rules Aquarius and all things rebellious, unpredictable and shocking. Aquarius somehow operates within these two modes of conduct; logical / maddeningly stubborn, intellectual / intuitive, #loyal / distant, hardworking / erratic, scientific / creative, warm and friendly / isolated loner. Your Aquarian friend is open, honest and funny. They are also, private, secretive and removed. Overall, you benefit from the same relentless optimism of Sagittarius, mixed with a love of fresh ideas and a cool calm collected way of dealing with things. Rationally irrational.. or is it irrationally rational? It can be annoying, but it’s good fun.