I moved house two weeks ago and it’s been CHAOTIC as I had no furniture and have done all the shifting, furniture building and organizing solo.  The smell in this room was a little stale so I’ve been using my essential oils to make it feel like my own and get rid of that odd scent!


Last night I was reading about Culpeper, who in the 17th Century described the properties or ‘virtues’ of plants and designated a ruling planet or astrological sign to them. Lavender is ruled by Mercury which is why it is good for treating mercurial ailments (Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini) so nervous tension and insomnia, excess worry… all the MERCURIAL minded issues… Anything where too much thinking and anxiety causes the body and mind to freak out. Lavender helps sensitive people to accept their hyper awareness and awkwardness and be themselves. 

As I have mentioned before, I sell pet insurance!  Back in the early days of the business I attended Crufts and 1000 other dog shows.  Lots of the people I met there told me stories about natural miracle cures for their pets.

One that stuck in my mind was a gentleman who was a Golden Retriever breeder and also a “dog aromatherapist.”  Naturally, I was a little taken aback by this however he told me about how his lovely dog had a problem with his breathing and his snout.  The dog had been to the vet and nothing was working, he was withdrawn, sleepy and evidently in discomfort and struggling to breathe.  Eventually someone suggested a lady to him and she turned up with all of her essential oils.  

crufts doggy

The lady set out all the essential oils and let the dog choose the ones it was drawn to… the dog chose a couple and she mixed them up.  I think they soaked them on something and let the dog sniff it.  What followed was a gruesome sneeze and the release of an enormous ball of toxic who knows what!

I thought that story and all the others I heard were great and eventually went to visit the legendary shops of Covent Garden to sort our my skin after having seen the wonderful effects of natural oils on the health, coats and skin of all these animals.  I had spots all through my 20s… from 20 to 26… and it was driving me BONKERS.  No amount of drinking WATER, running, taking my makeup off, moisturising… NOTHING was working for me and I was TOO old to be suffering with adolescent skin… especially as I didn’t have it as a teenager!

rebalancing care

Within two weeks Melvita Rebalancing Care had mended my face!  I mean… 7 years of nightmare skin, wearing make-up, feeling unattractive, sore skin etc… erased in less than TWO WEEKS.  The annoying skeptics at this point always say “perhaps you just grew out of it.”  This is something I think too… until I go away, forget my products, borrow other people’s and IMMEDIATELY return to Spotsville…

(see demonic pictures below for before and after!)


So friends, if you are reading this and you know someone who is getting really annoyed with their mad skin, please do get them to contact me on facebook or at frankinsenseandmirth@gmail.com I would LOVE to share my experience and help them!  I have various projects lined up that involve creating bespoke face oils for people but for now the trusty Neal’s Yard products are simply wonderful.


Aromatherapy is amazing for helping people in various ways, not just in healing skin, calming the mind, but also boosting confidence, balancing hormones, improving digestion and helping us to feel inspired! So, more on that to follow!  I’m fascinated by the correlation with astrological signs and keen to test out the theory! May need volunteers at some point!

Thank you please,
Frank x