Following on from Gemini, #Cancer also HATES and LOATHES change in a way that only their Taurus friends can really understand. Cancer loves the past, its #family, where it came from, where it grew up. Cancer revels in #memories of the #past, in the #emotions it felt and will find a real sense of self sitting looking at old photos and #crying. Cancerians cry, they are #emotional, hyper #sensitive, #caring, #maternal or #paternaland #nurturing. Cancer thrives when it can care for people whether that is in a nursery or as a PA, if they are looking after people then they feel #NEEDED and that is what Cancer really loves. Just as Aries is a ME FIRST, Cancer is another Cardinal sign but this time, WE first… FAMILY FIRST. Cancer fights to keep the family together with the same #determination that an Aries seeks to go it alone. #Home and family is everything to the Cancer. Their friends are important too but Cancer is ruled by the #moon and just like the moon they are constantly changing and their moods sometimes make them want to hide from the world. Be #gentle with your Cancer pals and they will peep their heads out of their shells and make you laugh with their loony sense of humour.