Back to the cardinal #leader, #Capricorn says “I’ll lead this team.” Capricorn and Leo are both leaders, however where Leo wants to delegate, praise and reward. Capricorn rolls up his sleeves and joins in the work with you, he leads by #example. Capricorn has a reputation for being a little #dour, #workorientated and #serious. However, Capricorn understands that hard work gets #results. The Capricorn outlook starts to brighten when they begin to reap the fruits of their labour. Capricorn is #practical, #reliable and #considered; these are not qualities to be sniffed at, especially when you’ve just been dealing with a footloose Sagittarius who abandons you at every corner. Where Sagittarius wants space to roam, meet people, learn and explore; Capricorn is at home, chopping the logs, making sure there is money in the bank and #patiently waiting for you to come home. Serious? Yes. #Pessimistic? Very. However your Capricorn pal is #practical, level headed and full of dead pan #wit that you may not have expected.