I wrote this last week and don’t want it to become one of the 10000 blogs sitting dormant on my laptop!

No more writing (I told myself) for a month or so as I finish my diploma.  That’s clear.  So obviously, I’m writing!

Only because something Liz Greene said today resonated LOUD AND PROUD, like a rubber ball bouncing around a squash court, reverberating around my head.  This weekend has been like some sort of trance.  A deep dive into the astrology of Jung’s Red Book.   A discussion of 100 things I knew little about have been illuminated, highlighted and it’s so exciting!

Something that sparked this CLARITY came from understanding of the Collective Unconscious.  This is something I hear all the time, so much that I think it’s common knowledge!  Until recently someone said, “you always talk about the collective, what do you mean?”


OK – so as far as I understand it, it’s “them.”  You know when we talk about something and say “everyone thinks it’s crazy, they don’t get it.”  It’s them.  The masses, the generally accepted social norms.  The unconscious of the collective society, rooted in connected belief.  It’s partly ancestral, it’s partly current society.

No, Carl Jung’s greatest fear was of MASS UNCONSCIOUSNESS.  If we are all unconscious of OUR core passions and beliefs, then yes, sadly we may not become the brilliant astronaut / singer / artist that we were born to be.  However, CRUCIALLY, more terrifying than that is the fact that we won’t know WHY we value what we value.  We won’t hold our own ground and so when a Hitler or a Stalin or a BORIS or a TRUMP comes along… we won’t be grounded in our own beliefs or our own values.

Jung mistrusted the collective’s longings because of their capacity for destruction.

Because this charming, eloquent speakers come along, speak to the masses and persuade them… they tell the collective what to believe.  Ultimately they say, “FORGET your individual values and join our collective PROMISE.”

If we don’t understand ourselves then we have no protection and defence against this sort of persuasion.  Having lived through two world wars, he understood the danger of the collective!

Jung pointed out that we inherit our own personal collective unconsciousness, steeped in ancestors, our culture, our country… and if we don’t WAKE UP then we suddenly find ourselves living our parent’s lives on repeat then wake up one day and think HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!


When Liz was speaking it came to me that this ties in with consumerism.  A topic so close to my heart since I wrote my dissertation on it at uni.   The biggest anaesthesia of our collective is the marketing masses, the push to spend, the power of credit, debt, ownership, need, desire and a vicious cycle that keeps people controlled, in work, paying for STUFF.

I loved this small section of the weekend.  I loved the weekend.  I love being with astrologers.  It’s so familiar, it feels like home.  Sad to leave but so… much… to do over the next year. Head down as I finish my diploma this month.  So, no more writing, no more Instagram and no chart readings.

The gift of knowing  yourself isn’t just a luxury, something that might free yourself from your own complex personality.  It’s a protection; for yourself and for the rest of society.  If you know what you believe you have an armour.

“the world needs more people who have come alive”

I understand that more now. Be you, not for some selfish, hedonistic purpose BUT because it’s your duty!

Jupiter is moving into Scorpio tomorrow.  For so many of us born in the 1983 –  1996 this will involve a transit to our natal Pluto.  All of my school year (84-85) have Pluto at 0-3 degrees Scorpio so when it moves to 0 Scorp tomorrow, the creativity may start to spark! A transit that matches well with the post I just wrote.

When bountiful, energetic and optimistic Jupiter taps into determined, relentless and powerful Pluto our urge to achieve is at the forefront of our minds.  We can experience a drive for power, but hopefully we experience our own creativity focus on making things happen.  If we focus our energy now, we can accomplish what we want.


I’m finishing this diploma, even if I do have a twitchy eye!

Big love,