When I first read EAT, PRAY, LOVE, I thought “this woman has written my book!”

I was moved and inspired by every sentence (modest as ever!)

She considered her relationships, Rome, she discussed spirituality in a way that made sense… yoga, meditation, love, travel, people, ego.  The whole lot.  At this point I was still on phase one; obsessed with Rome and getting through relationships at LIGHTENING speed but freeeeeeeeeee!


I’m very excited about Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, BIG MAGIC… which again, seems to be timely.  As my current preoccupation is no longer with my status, how I feel, what I am to do.  My current QUESTION of the moment is HOW to be an astrologer?  Should I be doing something else?  Everyone hates it and criticizes me so how do I stay kind whilst telling them to go and fuck off?

The more I read and learn about instinct and intuition is the more you LISTEN to yourself, the more you trust what you feel and go with that, the CLEARER everything becomes.

I am coming to understand that astrology chose me and not the other way around.  I feel lucky to have a passion, but sometimes my mind is BUBBLING with ideas so violently that I feel I’ll just boil over.  The more I read, the more I learn the more I understand. This summer I’ve seen such amazing revelations in people’s charts that I cannot even consider that this is by chance.  Astrology works.  It is revelatory.

The final pose of every yoga class is Savasna.


When I first started yoga my wriggly mind HATED  this pose.  “Relax, enjoy the benefits of your practice.  Let go of all control.  Don’t fidget.”  My body ITCHED I wanted to scratch my nose and rub my face and get out of the boiling torture room.  Granted, I was practicing hot yoga and it didn’t suit me (I’m fire, I’m already too hot)… my head was pounding, I was over heating and not in any way improving my health!

However, now I know how to lie there and let go.  If an itch arises I accept it but DO NOT ACT on it… enjoy it and know that it will PASS.  I smile at it and it goes away.  It’s just the mind tricking me into thinking I need to do something.  I’ve banged on about this quite a bit but when yoga strikes and the MAGIC strikes, everything SHIFTS.


I remember in Eat Pray Love… there is part of the book where Liz talks about loneliness.  It’s amazing, so I’ll copy it here:

liz gilbert


It’s the same process as lying in Savasna and waiting for the itch to pass.  Just BE. We are human BEings not human DOings… BE with the bad feelings as much as the good ones.
My uncle apparently told my cousin to “enjoy the pain” when she broke her leg in February.   We all laughed when he told us… but I see what he was saying (as a Taurus) it’s that very solid, earth, grounded approach to the course of nature.  Accept nature, accept the pain, welcome this part of your life as much as you welcome the joy.



No… the point is that sometimes we are so FRANTIC in our need to DISTRACT ourselves from our suffering that we just create CHAOS.  Be still with the bad times.  London is full of people seeking experiences to medicate their damaged emotional state.  It’s OK to feel bad sometimes… just sit with it, learn from it then grow from it.

Distracting is not letting go.

I kid myself into thinking I’m letting go if I put things out of my mind for a while… or if I let go during yoga or if I say I let go… but SECRETLY, I HOLD ON and then GET BUSY.  Then I return to the same thought or idea that I temporarily pushed out of my head. That does not work.

Distraction is not letting go… it’s a temporary solution.  To let go is to accept the present situation and not expect it to change.  To accept is to understand that NOW is REAL and BEAUTIFUL.  We ONLY have now.

It’s important to have HOPE but there is a crucial distinction between constructive hope and delusion.  That’s for the individual to decide by trusting their instinct and intuition.

Intuition grows with silence and trusting yourself.  From doing what feels right and not what feels easiest or the least scary.


Be Quiet