Full Moon In Cancer

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 16.40.26

Now I know this picture doesn’t include a FULL MOON! However it demonstrates the key elements at the fore of tomorrow’s lunation.

In the distance is mountainous Capricorn, cold, hard, regulated and pushing you to do better and go further. With the Sun in Capricorn conjunct Pluto (the fearless god of the underworld), we are delving into our egos, tearing open the barriers and walls we have built, revealing what lies beneath. Also, the Capricorn Sun is in a challenging aspect to both confrontational Uranus 💥and oft relentless (but inspiring ⚡️) Jupiter represented by the lightning.  In mythology Jupiter or Zeus was often represented by lightening.  The sudden influx of knowledge from the Gods, down to the earth… i.e., inspiration.

The volcano you can see is releasing what was buried in a heated burst. Yes it’s hot and intimidating, but it looks beautiful doesn’t it? Release! It’s not always easy to do what needs to be done or to feel what needs to be felt and with Uranus in the mix DISRUPTION is inevitable.  However, the release, the change can be more welcomed that you first thought.

The image beautifully represents the contrast to this tricky t-square involving the Sun, Uranus and Jupiter are the beautiful, with the reflective and dreamy still waters. That’s Venus conjunct Neptune… boundless, endless, infinite, kind, nurturing, soft, miraculous and gentle. 💙

This opposition is about comfort🌕 vs discomfort☀️about dependence and independence. There are some difficult bridges to be crossed, but when we do face our truth we reach some mega Pisces style waters of balm and bliss. ✌🏼✌🏼️✌🏼️The Moon is happily supported by dreamy (though not always factually honest) Mars in Pisces.  This aspect helps us to connect to our dreams and ideals and gently move towards them.  Not all change needs to be dramatic; disruptive yes, but we choose drama with our responses.

The brash aspects to the sun ensure that we keep it real when it matters. A a little fantasy, a few dreams and indulgences elsewhere never did anyone any harm. 😍 Again, like the last new moon, our imagination has the possibility to manifest. Dream a better future and wade into your paradise. When you get there, the mosquitos may drive you mental, it won’t necessarily be as wonderful as you imagined.  However, don’t let that hold you back.   Focus on the bliss, love, connections made. Change isn’t easy but it gets you to better places! There is always light and dark but WE get more of what we focus on.

As Mick Fleetwood always says #bekindtoeachother 🙌🏽🙏🏼💫 sensitivity is high but emotions can be soothed when you’ve done what you need to do!