The full moon is always about relationship.  This one is about shedding a new skin and lighting up a whole new dynamic. In London, the Full Moon culminates at 5.06am, 5 minutes after sunrise and 6 minutes after the moon sets.  There is something symbolic in that; just before the moon cycle completes the full moon will slip below the horizon and remain unseen by all of us here. Just. out. of. grasp.

The Moon is in very close aspect to Pluto, God of the underworld.  The Sun is in very close aspect to Mars, God of war.

Both are square to Jupiter, King of the Gods.

On a positive note, breakdown to breakthrough.  It’s going to take some serious calm, rationality and 10 hours of meditation to keep this afloat.

I’m thinking to myself, I’m sure loads of people will have a fantastic weekend!  There will be weddings and celebrations galore.  However, just looking at this makes me feel really stressed and sick.  I’ve never written anything like this before.

Fights, anger, burning resentments.  The Sun is in passive aggressive Cancer conjunct Mars (for goodness sake!)  Cancer is the most defensive, sniping sign of the zodiac.  Scorpio kills you outright, Cancer builds walls and covers them in barbed wire; with Mars and Pluto involved there are landmines planted too!  The inner psycho is lurking and at the full moon all the mentalists arrive.

With any opposition people are projecting.  Classic arguments involve the old “it takes one to know one motif.”

What you see in me is a reflection of you.

Remember that.

The way out?

Neptune is forgiving.  With Neptune on the MC of the moment my first feeling is of the collective feeling wounded, mass grief.  However, I’ve got to GET OVER MY FEARS.  Pluto faces fears head on. Neptune unites, merges and soothes.  It accepts.  I suppose we have to integrate the darkness within ourselves, it’s the only way to escape duality.
There is a powerful Yod to Mars from the South Node and Saturn.  Again, very karmic points. (Pluto is very karmic and sits with the Moon.)  The South Node is our bad habits, old ways and ‘baggage’ sextile to Retrograde Saturn… the weakest part of ourselves.  A transformative Yod from two very difficult points.  I’m really clutching at straws here.   The ability to do something constructive (with our bad habits.)  Our bad habits are our most unconscious, projected and ‘hidden from view’ parts of ourselves, acting on them… can that ever be good?

Realness, honesty and action.  When the honest and outspoken amongst us are faced with the wild emotions of those who avoid conflict but burst from time to time… there is… this.  It’s the classic eruption time for those people are generally appear placid and controlled but are riddled with resentments that they fail to express.  Express they will!

The good news is that emotional debris will be flushed out.  Resentments are overflowing.  Old hurts, bad habits, are up, out and screaming to be heard.  Afterwards there will be calm.  However, the next few days are ripe for rage, anger, hurt, wounds, abuse and general intimidating psychosis.  I’ve just had a google around to see what other astrologers are saying.  I read somewhere “the best case scenario is a bad mood.”  Breakdown to breakthrough.  It’s the only way.

The only way for the world, the only way for the individual.

I don’t like this at all.  Not one bit.  I’re read around and haven’t had my feelings soothed.

Go safely.