It’s a full moon in Virgo tomorrow, Venus is still retrograde and the Full Moon falls in the ‘Venus ruled’ Second House.

This is about valuing yourself.  How are you of service in your life?  How does your life serve you?

Ask ourselves these questions:

  • what are we invested in?
  • what is worth it?
  • what do you spend money on?
  • what does money mean to you?
  • what are your values?
  • where does your value lie?

What’s worth more to you?  The expensive ornament or the handmade card?  Perhaps both.  However we all value things differently and different people value us according to what they value.
We live in a subjective world and often forget that we think so differently to each other!

SO – are you walking the correct path?

Super practical moon in Virgo is making plans but the Sun is burning Chiron and Mercury, they are combust as they are so close to the Sun that their lights are being outshined.  THE axis of healing (Virgo/ Pisces) is amped up.  Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini, however I am one of the supporters of the idea that Chiron rules Virgo.  So the Mercury / Chiron ruled moon is in opposition to it’s ruler.  Who is your ruler?  Yourself, or someone else?  Who calls the shots?  Who makes decisions?  You or your material needs?  Are you serving your highest purpose?  Are you following a goal?  Or are you doing what needs to be done?  We can’t always be frolicking and skipping off to the sunset, however we should have our end goal in mind.  This is the time to let go of what we don’t need and manifest what we are after.

The wounded healer is in Pisces, healing itself with intuition, feelings, emotions and a magic blend or the ineffable.  FLOW…  I can’t tell you what to do but I can tell you that your self worth is in question.  Pisces tends to give, give and give…. so does Virgo.  This is a point of overwhelm; a breaking point.  The river banks are bursting and the flood will wash away everything that isn’t fixed!

Saturn is also involved in this lunation as it forms the apex of a T-Square.

RELEASE of the tension of an opposition is achieved via the planet that is 90 degrees (perpendicular) to both planets.  The Sun is at 23 Pisces (Chiron at 24 Pisces and Mercury at 27 Pisces.)  The Moon at 23 Virgo… OPPOSITION, then Saturn at 27 Sagittarius.  The aspects form a T.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 19.53.36

It’s the planet at the apex that releases the tension between the opposition.  Sun opposite Moon = Full Moon.  Saturn at the top in Sagittarius.

Now, Saturn doesn’t do release.  Saturn does rules. (Read more here.)

Interesting concept… to release the pain and tension, you bring in the Saturn boss and say NO.

I think this is a fitting antidote to infinitely selfless Pisces and subservient Virgo.  NO.  DO ONE.  Up your game.  REALITY CHECK.  I LOVE Saturn as I’ve written many times in the past!  My Venus is in Saturn ruled Capricorn.  I’m a big fan of denial and control.  Absolute goat!  I hadn’t really looked at this chart when I sat down to write, I just knew that this moon was all about work and self-worth.  However, with Saturn at the apex this fits even more tightly with my vibe today and what I would say to you.


If you read my link here and any connected links from there, you’ll learn more about the energy of Saturn and this is what you need to use at the Full Moon.  To be valued, you need to set the standard.

Self-esteem and a sense of self worth (venus) is the BEDROCK (saturn) of success.  Set the tone for how you would like to be treated.  It has to come from within, your energy and attitude have to match your words.

93% of communication is non-verbal.

Understanding your value can require a tangible system.  Grades, marks out of 10, wages, flowers, love-letters, meals cooked, manners minded, gratitude voiced and demonstrated.   You can tell someone that you love (and value) them, or you can show someone.  Words alone are EMPTY.  The Moon is in EARTHY Virgo, be PRACTICAL about this.

The selfish lover who tells you they love you but never considers you, lay down the law!  That’s Saturn’s way; rules, regulations, discipline.  Learning the hard way.  It’s grim, but once someone is spoilt, it’s hard to un-spoil them.   The word says it all, SPOILT = ruined and destroyed.  That’s what too much Venus does!  Venus is sugary, sweet, moist and enticing.  It ruins easily.  Saturn is dry, cold and durable.  It doesn’t spoil easily.  You set the standard on how you want to be valued.

Cruel to be kind.

To yourself, and to others.

This is like cake vs brown rice.  Cake is fun, rice supports you and keeps you alive.  One lasts a few days before it goes off, the other can stay in your cupboard indefinitely!

Venus vs Saturn vibes.


SO…  that’s it really.  I’ve gone on a little ramble of ideas.  However you get the picture.  Take ten minutes to plan your life, where you want to be, why you do the things you do, what are you trying to achieve?  It does makes sense to plan your life… it’s the most important thing you have.  If you’re not focussing on what the flip you’re doing and why the flip you’re doing it, then you’re a bit mental and need some Saturn in your life.


As a REVALUATION of the way I’m working I’m going to GIVE (Pisces) £10 off a reading to anyone who refers someone to me.  I’m a Sagittarius (Rising Gemini) and I’m QUEEN of the promoters.  If I like something, I will rhapsodise about it “try this, do this, come to this with me it’s amazing!  I’m relentless, naturally! I’ve printed about 1000 photos on Photobox for free due to spamming all my friends with referral codes, had about £100’s worth of free Ubers and £80 with of free Ocado… etc… I’m a natural bossy boots suggester of things and being rewarded for my natural inclinations pleases me.

I have a few LEGEND clients who have done the same and promoted me to their pals, who have promoted me to their pals.  These guys are GOLD.  And with Venus in Retrograde the idea to set up this referral scheme came to me.

£10 off for each client and an uber consultation for 5 referred clients.  Just get them to mention your name, they always do anyway. ALSO, your pal will receive £10 off their reading.*

I’m going to have to create a spreadsheet!  I’ve needed to do this for many months… This is what retrograde season is all about. SNOOZE.

I’m not going to add any pictures to this post because Saturn is involved and I can keep it dry. Yessss.

So thanks lads!


Big love,
Frank xxx




*this applies to the hour reading and uber consolation only.