The downside of a highly highly active Sun, Mars, Uranus transit is that I’m wired, and crazed an original mad scientist with wild unbrushed hair to boot.  The good bit is all the ideas and creativity POURING out of my head and seemingly unending energy to get things moving.  I almost dare not stop in case I lose pace!  Rollin’ like Tina in this vid.

We’ve designed these mentally beautiful charts!  I’ve ordered a load of really mega cool frames, but for now all I have is this: the plain print at £30 and the square framed print at £70.  There are more options to follow but look at the amazing colour combinations available!
Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 17.17.46

Mars is in Gemini at 13 degrees, bang opposite my Sun and Uranus. For the past week I’ve felt like I’ve been plugged into some sort of turbo charger… it’s like having an electric current running through me at all times.  WORDS WORDS WORDS, ideas that never stop.  All night there are words, all through yoga there are words, when I’m doing one thing my brain is scanning like a terrier searching for treats.

I seriously considered buying a Nokia 3210 today.  Weighing up the pros and cons of no maps and a good camera BUT imagine the sheer BLISS of not having WhatsApp or Instagram.  Imagine, being a HUMAN again.  A human who doesn’t spend 3 hours a day looking at their phone.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 22.17.40

I’ve changed my WhatsApp picture to this, hoping that people will take the hint!  That’s a thing with an opposition though… it always feels like it’s coming from someone else or outside of us.  THIS NOISE, is actually coming from me and my perception, but it feels like everyone else.  Gemini energy is coursing through me as it moves through my 1st house, but it feels external.  I’m always banging on about the plight of Gemini, unless you live with this insane monkey mind you can’t understand how annoying it is.  As I always say there are very few Gemini’s who doesn’t suffer from anxiety at some point!

Then, this full moon.  I’ll copy and paste what I wrote earlier.  The full moon in Scorpio is also desperados for a bit of peace but also a PURGE, a bringing to LIGHT some of the things that have been bothering her.  The volcano is ready to erupt!

Full moon in Scorpio is waxing with full force.

I’d read a few good things about this but I’ve looked at the chart myself and I see this.  I powerful, magnetic, controlling, paranoid, complicated, strong, wilful full moon in opposition to calm, simple, loyal, lazy, unrelenting Taurus.  I love Taurus but that’s the OPPOSITION.  Moon opposite Sun, a FULL Moon.

The ruler of the Sun, Venus, is in Fiesty AF Aries.  The traditional ruler of the Moon in Scorpio is Gobby Mars in Gemini.  Mercury is Conjunct Uranus in Aries.  Pluto, the modern ruler of the Moon is in a helpful, supportive aspect to both the Sun and the Moon.  All I can see from that is the depths WILL be plunged and COMMUNICATED with sharpness, verbosity and shocking quickness.  Anything that you’ve been sitting on will come to light and I think with Scorpio and with the rest of the sky being rather QUICK and to the point, the info may well be a slap around the face.

The moon’s nodes shifted today so the north node is now in spicy, creative, colourful Leo.  A move away from subservient and humble Virgo.  Again adding more SPICE and more likelihood of us being VOCAL about what we don’t like.  It’s all rather noisy and not what a Scorpio moon likes.  Scorpio moon likes dark shades, candles and silence.  I think it’s really irritating out there.  This is a change that requires earplugs, an eye mask and a gun.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 17.25.52

Obviously each lunation and astrological weather forecast affects us differently depending on our own chart.  As I’ve been parading my chart around under the light of the full moon, you can see that I have my moon in Taurus in the 12th house opposing Saturn in the 6th.  How do you think a 12th house Taurus moon likes having the sun shine on it? 0%.  Also, Saturn in the 6th in medical astrology would indicate problems with joints, bones etc… I have damaged my shoulder TODAY in yoga by doing too much with my busy head! Mars is at 13 Gemini opposing my Sun and Uranus, I’m like a highly strung machine and EXTRA outspoken (or at least I would be, but I’m not quite so mad that I’ve gone around dropping all the verbal insanity bombs I would like to.)  #SunUranus, eccentricity abound, you see?  Sun is describes the family name in some way too.  It’s so perfect.  “Oddie.”  Textbook astrology.  Naturally this #SunUranus aspect is strong in my paternal line.

The Moon in Scorpio is meeting with and shining a light on that Saturn and course, the physical manifestation arises and as the Moon is involved, it’s the body’s physical response to tense EMOTIONS. I went to get some calm, but damaged myself.  The moon wants to SIT and meditate alone, not go to Flow 2 and bind.   There is intelligence out there, use it or it will shock you awake!

Alas, I’m off to find a much more fun manifestation of this Mars opposition!