Following on from Taurus, #Gemini loves and enables #change! Everything that Taurus has maintained, Gemini wants to #carve up, #refresh and #disperse. Geminis are communicators; they are witty, #intelligent, #diverse, #unreliable, #interesting, #hyper and often #anxious. Chatty children asking “#why?” every two minutes, learning to read and write, thinking and then running around screaming represent the Gemini principle! I don’t think I know a Gemini out there who hasn’t at some point been very seriously riddled with #anxiety. Maybe there are one or two exceptions to prove the rule? However the Gemini #intellect MUST be entertained, if it isn’t it will start to destroy itself and its relationships, jobs and happiness. Give a Gemini a project, some responsibility and some space to be creative, then the urge to flit around in a realm of #indecision will dissolve. Gemini should try to focus on 3 things, not 30 and then they can really shine. They have a #brilliant, #genius mind that needs to be used constructively, otherwise it will turn on itself and create negative spirals and problems. Gemini needs to #communicate, hard work in a back office will not satisfy their need to transfer information and ideas to lots of groups of people.