Hello Friends!

A little note from the hot hot heat in London Town as we sit at the final degree of Gemini (opposing Saturn.)  My bus driver was furious with the traffic this morning with all the impatience of a Sun and Mercury opposition to Saturn.

He had a point though.  His colleagues (driving the 87) were not driving down the bus lane.  They were sitting, in traffic, in 30 degree heat pretending that the road was too narrow.  I watched this from the bus stop and chatted to a lady about how crazy their driving was.  The buses simply weren’t arriving at the bus stop, they were sitting in the middle of the road!  We waited (in the heat) at the bus stop and she chastised the drivers in her very Jamaican accent.  I couldn’t understand everything she said, but she was smiling and animated so I pretended I understood and agreed.  Mercury in Gemini is talking but Saturn in Sagittarius can prevent understanding.

Finally, I got on the 156 and my driver was ranting and beeping his horn.  I love that sort of impatience.  Active impatience, problem solving.  He told us that they do this to get overtime and paid more.  He, on the other hand, hated traffic and was going crazy.  The next time the lights changed to green and nothing moved he said, “that’s it, I’m sorry, I’ve had enough,” and drove on the wrong side of the road, overtook all the traffic and had us at the next bus stop in ten seconds.  We would’ve been there for another 5 to 10 minutes otherwise.

Another lady on the bus said “don’t kill us!”  She departed at the next stop and wished our driver good luck with the rest of his day.

Whilst we were in traffic I whipped out today’s chart and had a look.  There is was, The Sun at 29 degrees Gemini, Mercury at 27 Gemini opposite Saturn at 24 Sagittarius.  Mercury rules Gemini; both Sag and Gemini WANT TO MOVE, NOW.  However, they are in a stand off.  The temporary traffic lights and delays (Saturn) and the nifty intelligence of quicksilver (Mercury) who darts between traffic.

Chaos on the roads, frustrations and delays.  BUT – keep your wits about you.  Think quickly, problem solve.  Know the rules so that you know how to break the rules. SPEAK!  Talk to strangers, they may have the answers and that’s how to bridge the gap of the opposition. Intuition only tells us so much.

Have a good day now!

Frank xx