Infant Charts Options

“A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma.”  ~ Sri Yukteswa

I recently attended a workshop on how to approach this tricky part of astrology and really loved what I came away with.  I’ve created a few options around these charts.

Simple Chart Explanation

Sun, Moon, Rising sign explanation including baby perspectives on their character and the child’s learning style.


Whole chart overview; including baby perspectives on their character and the child’s suggested learning style. Including a feel of the chart and any potential areas of focus.


Future Focus Infant Chart

Besides a basic discussion of the energy of the chart, what is really useful to do with a baby’s horoscope is to look forwards and spot any transits and progressions that could be difficult.  I really loved this idea.  If the child is experiencing a hefty Pluto transit, this could be his goldfish dying or losing his favourite bear.  This Pluto transit does not necessarily represent anything tragic, and I am not a psychic astrologer so have little idea of precise manifestations of transits.

However, I can suggest that a child will be experiencing grief for the first time and will need their grief explaining and acknowledging.   This applies to a need for freedom, to explaining their learning style I think that nugget of knowledge is gold dust.

This chart is a written report and can be completed for the first seven years of life or for the first fourteen.  It includes; the child’s fundamental drives and needs, their learning style and potential interests and behaviours.

The cost of the first ten years is £180 and the cost for eighteen years is £300.