I’ve just read an article about all the sleepless people of the UK and that expansive hotels are cashing in on “insomnia clinics” taking people away from their lives to relax.

That’s valid and when your life hums and buzzes around you, sometimes you just need to get away and relax. However, not everyone can afford to go to a peaceful hotel away from everything, enjoy expansive massage, osteopathy and herbal teas. Here are some tips on learning to relax, from a mad insomniac badger (moi).

You need to have your work separate from your bedroom. Now, not everyone has a study, my desk is in my room. However, put it all away at night. Tidy your desk up, put all the papers away and light a candle an hour before sleep time. Change the atmosphere.

Exercise everyday – even if it’s just a quick jog. Not late at night, but everyday. You will relax better in the evening if your body has worked in the day.

If you feel wired and exhausted when you wake up, DO NOT have any coffee on that day. You are over caffeinated! Avoid tea too, maybe have one but try to have some herbal teas and take extra care to eat well.

Have a tidy and clean room, open the window at some point everyday, even if it’s freezing! Get a blast of fresh air in there.

Night time tea (Neals yard) I’ll post my link later, it’s brilliant! Zzzzzzzz

If you have things on you mind, write them on your list.

Get the electrical things OUT of your room and for goodness sake – turn off your phone!!

Now, get in bed when you’re tired. Read something to make your eyes heavy and fall asleep… Don’t leave your mind to wander and get stressed, read some fiction and be absorbed into it (hopefully it won’t be too exciting!)

Alternatively lie on your back, breathe deeply and count backwards from 25 a few times, you’ll be asleep if you let yourself drift.

I hope this helps!

Big love,

Frank xx