LEO ♌️

Leo loves to shine! Look at me baby, I’m hot, I’m a leader, I’m funny, I’m generous and I think I’m pretty cool! Leos have a warmth and optimism like all fire signs but Leo needs to be acknowledged as being so. Aries wants to build and lead, Leo is happy to create then manage from afar. Leos are great managers; they empower people, fill them with praise and fan the flames of their independence. Leo will invest in you. However, you must let your Leo know that you respect them, that you are proud and appreciative. Leos are great with children because they give their energy so generously, they take time to understand the child and make it laugh and in turn the child will adore them; they both win! Leos are very warm, generous and supportive, taking time, care and attention to look after people. Leo’s always look good too, that’s for sure. The women dazzle and the men somehow always manage to have some sort of strong presence even if they are not drop dead gorgeous, which very many of them are! The caveat? They must always be in control. Leo leads. If you are happy with that then enjoy, you’re in great hands.