“Astrology? Do you mean astronomy or like, astrology like Mystic Meg?”
“Yup! Astrology, I’m the next Mystic Meg!”

It’s usually an interesting reaction when I tell people what I’m in to.

“So do you believe it then?”

“YES!” Yes I do…

“When did you get into it?”

The answer to that is I always have been.

I remember the first time I found out I was a Sagittarius, I was about 4 or 5 and someone had given Mum a porcelain crib with my birth details on, a Christening gift or something. I suddenly became FASTCINATED with it. Turning the little white crib round in my hands, looking at it from all angles… s a g i t t a r i u s it felt familiar. It felt like remembering! I can see myself standing there, fascinated, perplexed and hungry to know more about what it meant.

Later, I remember at school in Year 2 sitting in the classroom looking around and knowing that the girls I sat next to were much more similar to me than the girls born in April who sat next to each other. I was only friends with the two girls, one born 25.11.84 and another 10.10.84. The other 7 girls were born in 1985 and were just not as quick. However, age 6/7 that’s normal as we had a relatively big head start… but still, our personalities were distinctly different to theirs.

Later, I was 15 when I bought my first book and poured over it. AMAZED that it could say so much about people… I didn’t know enough about myself, or anyone else to be able to comprehend it fully. So many of my friends were Virgos and I couldn’t see how they were all similar to one another.

My late teens and early 20s involved some soul searching, thinking, reading and learning. I gained a degree in Natural Sciences; Biology, Philosophy and Theology. I moved to Italy for a couple of years, learnt the language and worked in Rome at The Vatican as a Tour Guide. It was eye-opening and magnificent exposure to people from all over the world. Whilst I lived in Italia the concept of l’ascendente; the astrological Rising Sign was presented to me and that was IT. In 2008 astrological obsession struck the core of me and it has never shifted.

Since then I have asked 99% of people I’ve met when their birthday is and 95% of people their time of birth. Luckily for me, people tell me and let me dig around, totally unaware of what I’m discovering whilst I excavate.

Again, luckily, I remember EVERTHING. Not everything, I rarely know where my phone is. However, numbers, dates, times… I remember everything. Always have, hopefully always will. My memory baffles people, “how do you remember that… WHY do you remember that?” I don’t know and when I was younger people always used to say to me, “you have to find a job that requires the use your memory.” True, I did… but what the hell was I going to do with my fantastic memory (other than be a Tour Guide!?) I spent my 20s FRANtically SEARCHING high and low for my career… I wanted to be passionate about my job; I wanted to help people, to work hard, to use my brain, not just use my friendly ability to sell stuff. BUT WHAT? It wasn’t until 2014 that I considered being an astrologer. RATHER STUPID seeing as I’ve been obsessed for years, but sometimes we don’t see what is staring us in the face!

Also, I just didn’t think I was that strange. I didn’t identify with Mystic Meg.

I now fully embrace my strangeness but I also maintain my standard English gal-ness. I don’t have to be massively unusual and ethereal, I can be me. There is a stereotype to destroy. I’ll happily take on that challenge.

I’ve met some amazing people on my Astro journey and I’m hoping to meet many, many more. There are role models out there, just not on t’telly.

Astrology is REVELATORY, it’s totally f***ing amazing. If I’d seen an astrologer many years ago, they might have told me to consider being an astrologer ages ago; it’s very clear in my chart! (Sun conjunct Uranus in the 7th, Venus and Jupter in the 8th, Mars sextile Uranus in the 9th, Moon in the 12th) Then again, so is Pet Insurance! (Pluto in the 6th, Venus and Jupter in the 8th.) Either way, success ABROAD is indicated.

I’ve gone off-piste there, but for the fellow astrologers they can see what I’m on about and for everyone else you’ll believe me when I say my aim is to DE-MYSTIFY. I want to be so accessible and straightforward in my explanations that you get it. I remember when I first started speaking Italian; I would talk to my English friends and family in Italian because it came into my head first and made so much sense to me. Naturally, they didn’t get it. I have the same tendency to talk in planets instead of translating what they mean. That must change!

I think this is a long enough intro!

Except to say… how does it work? I don’t know yet, but I’m coming up with some ideas and am working on them. It’s most certainly a science, I’ve heard it referred to as an “intuitive science” and that makes sense, understand the structure, and interpret it with feeling. Healing sciences should be intuitive to a certain extent, but it’s not so easy to regulate. Medicine certainly requires a level of UNDERSTANDING the patient and the CAUSE of the illness as opposed to just scientifically prescribing medicines to treat the cause. We need BOTH science and feeling for progress. Without inspiration and discovery, there would be no science. The two modes of thinking go hand in hand, but we are inclined to think of them as separate.

Stick with me for astrology, some natural health hints, how astrology relates to the way we feel, look and behave, some info on products I love and to be entertained a little.


Fra x x