Natal Chart Packages

This is for people who are dealing with a persistent pattern that they are struggling to shift.  I want to help them to  shine as much light as possible on themselves. The first reading will light some sparks of awareness, hopefully soothe someone (so they don’t feel so out of control) and then inspire them to act.

I know what helped me was returning to the question, time and time again.  Repetition is key!  For anyone else who wants help being held accountable and wants to feel they are committing to growth, I am creating this package.  So far clients have questions that they are working with, or come back with new questions.  I would love to create a narrative around your chart, hold both you and I accountable and ensure that change is navigated with wisdom and productivity.

“The contemplation of celestial things will make a man both speak and think more sublimely and magnificently when he descends to human affairs.”  ~ Cicero

Talk to me to discuss package options.