WOW the last two weeks have been *insane* my feet haven’t touched the ground and about 3 days ago I wiped out, went to bed at 8pm and slept like a sleep monster.  Course, this is the wind down to the New Moon and I’m fully tuned in and synced up to these energies.  We are all are, but sometimes more than others.  This eclipse is at 27 Aquarius and exactly square to my nodes that are at 27 Taurus and Scorpio.  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN THO?  I don’t really know, except to say that it feels like someone has pressed ‘reset’ and then pressed ‘booster’ on my life.

When a plant is deprived of light it will either wilt and die, or it will wilt and then seek out the sun with renewed zeal.  That’s what an eclipse does, the light and energy is taken away and it either kills what was there, or makes us fight for it with mad passion.  It hopefully clears the old but strengthens what we need.

There are so many brilliant things written on this eclipse and because I was so tired before the epic nap I had an hour ago, I couldn’t think what to write.  In the end, I lay on my bed and thought to myself, I’ll just re-gram someone else’s post and have a nap… at the end of the day, it’s a New Moon and I’ve got to honour it with sleep!  REST is vital.  Aquarius is such a crazed, wired energy that likes to stay up till 3am thinking about things.  However, REST IS KEY… but, during my nap all the ideas flooded in, I lay on my bed full dressed with all the lights on, dribbling, listening to Radio 2, thinking about Aquarius vibes…

FRIENDSHIP, technology, authenticity, groups, progress online, FOCUS.  That’s what came to me in my zombie state on my bed.  How can I build these online business @magic_momenti but not get distracted with Instagram each time I go to post.  How can I function as part of this vast network of people efficiently.  How can I be direct? How can I run a social enterprise? (aquarius = humanitarian)  How can I innovate?  These are the questions for ALL of us now but it’s that blending of thinking as an INDIVIDUAL as part of the masses.  If each of think for ourselves, with the betterment of humankind in mind, we can improve.  Aquarius is the I that is part of the we.  Let’s INNOVATE and shake things up.

The blend of energy contains a little but of Pisces dreaminess however the main aspects to this lunation are from the ruler of Aquarius just amping up the innovative vibes.  Making this a TURBO Aquarius moon, the ability to chop, change, revolutionise and generally shake things up is here and now.  The challenge is to BALANCE how far we go, Jupiter in Scorpio is square to all these changes and when well harnessed he supports great action; real, beneficial changes.  However Jupiter gone rogue can set our expectations too high, he can push us to make changes that are too extreme, too cold, too detached from our emotions.  Aquarius is the great rationalist, he’s also frequently devoid of emotional intelligence. Aquarius describes a vacuum that can be filled with facts and figures that make no sense without a why.  The heart must be involved, we are talking about the Moon here.  Emotions are real, they are irrational, which is why Aquarius IGNORES them, but they are real.  Jupiter only EXPANDS what is already there, so as I said, balanced individuals thrive but oh ma gawd, can we go too far with this energetic shift!  Don’t bite off more than you can chew, don’t take it too far, keep those dreams grounded.  It would be easy to fly off into space with all this energy, ground, sit, meditate, rest… Change is real, brilliant and exciting but as any sales person knows, expectation is KEY.  Are your expectations realistic?  Don’t set yourself up for disappointment!

BALANCE.  The New Moon is at 9.06pm in London and you’ve got to make your ten wishes, you *have* to because this stuff works so well.  Based on all the info and the vibes out there… 100% plagiarising from Jan Spiller, here are some of her examples:

“I want to give myself and others plenty of room to be eccentric and unique individual.”

“I want all fears of being unique totally lifted from me.”

“I want to easily find myself filled with the courage to revolutionise my life.”

“I want confidence in continuing to apply changes in technology to my personal life.”

“I want to feel a sense of comfortable equality with others.”

“I want total clarity regarding the best ways I can participate with others to create successful win-win outcomes.”

“When sudden change occurs, I want to see the hidden opportunity that will allow me to benefit.”

“I want to easily find myself making those changes that create a greater feeling of freedom in my relationship with….”

“I want to see life in a way that sparks my sense of humour.”

“I want to easily find myself ceasing to take things personally.”

“I want to easily attract and enrol in the right (astrology, tarot.. etc…) course that will open me to the knowledge that I seek.”

“I want to easily find myself feeling comfortable and self confident in group situations, relating to others with helpfulness.”

“I want to easily find myself being honest about where I stand in my friendships, even if the others feels differently.”

“I want my instinctive response to others to be one of friendliness, encouragement and support.”

I LOVE THOSE THEMES – I LOVE AQUARIUS – BUT – these are VVVV important….

“I want all self-defeating fears of involvement and intimacy easily lifted from me.”

“I want the habit of hurtfully shocking others totally lifted from me.”

“I want to easily find myself open to considering alternative points of view.”

“I want a total healing to occur in…. (area of the body ruled by Aquarius)”

Aquarius rules these functions and parts of the body: ankles and calves, circulation, cramps and spasms and varicose veins.


Writing all that makes me feel so Aquarian!

Anyway! This has grown FAR beyond a couple of Instagram posts so it’s being copied and pasted into my blog ASAP!

Make those wishes, work with these ENORMOUS energies, press that reset button, get some rest and march forwards.  Things will never be the same again, so be careful what you wish for!  The universe is listening and it’s powerful.  We are all powerful, but we are all better together.

#individual #together

Big love,

F xx