Unsurprisingly, I keep a diary.
I had a read back of 2006 last night.

Some of it was very funny, some of it was valid but some of my worries and concerns were so UTTERLY STUPID.

I missed people, I worried about boys and choices I was making, I worried about working hard and getting a job.  I worried about where to go, where to travel, I worried about the future.  I was 22.  WHY DID I WASTE time and energy on such stupid things? LET IT GO.

The big message of the year… from all the yoga and all the reading I have done.  Don’t let the little things take your energy away.  Have more faith, do more things… and remember we are but grains of sand.  The universe is SO enormous, we are so insignificant… like grains of sand on a beach.  If you took three grains of sand to a cathedral then the cathedral would be more jam packed with sand than the universe is with stars. Wowwwwweeeeee.

Take comfort in your smallness. Be silly.  Be fun.  Be kind and light.

Make plans…  Explore and maintain healthy PERSPECTIVE. BE KIND. KEEP LEARNING.

CHANGE is difficult, it is challenging but it is BEAUTIFUL at the end.  Go forth and LIVE.


DON’T LET THE BASTARDS GET YOU DOWN! Be light in your heart as much as you can! It will all be OK.

Big Love,

Frank x