Relationship Charts

I love this.

This is alchemy and astrology at its finest.

I take two charts, two people; lovers, relatives, friends and look at the relationship dynamic.  What attracts you, what drives you crazy.  How to resolve?  Well, I can try to suggest…

This sort of astrology isn’t for everyone but I love to put my waders on and get right in there!  If you’ve come to see an astrologer, then you want to know.

This will be a spoken consultation and recorded.  If one half of the relationship is not going to be present then please ensure you have permission to use their chart.  I will need the time, date and place of birth for both of you.  If one of the times is missing, that’s OK, but not the best.  It’s always best to have times.

The cost of a relationship reading is £120.

The cost of this chart print below below which is actually of an election (a moment) but can be created to represent the composite chart, is £40.