Writing for Instagram has such a different feel to writing here!  Alas – this is a Full Moon that is strongly focussed on ELIMINATION and focus.

So here is my Instagram post, sans hashtags.  Please follow on Insta if you aren’t already.  It’s my favourite platform for sharing, interacting with positive people and sharing stories.

When I wrote about Mars Pluto during the week  (see post) I didn’t consider how close this message was to the message of the Full Moon in Scorpio.  Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorp and Pluto the Modern ruler.  The two of them together are doing some serious elimination as previously discussed!  With the Full Moon in Scorpio opposing the Sun in Taurus (still with a slight flavour of Uranus as they were together last week) it’s lighting up the possibility you have to surprise yourself!  The Scorpio / Taurus axis is a ping pong of emotion between depth, understanding, loyalty, intensity, dedication, reliability, calm, trust, passion, magnetism, sexual attraction, emotional intelligence, sensuality, money, power, possessions, wealth, true wealth and beauty.  This is not an exhaustive list, but its the sort of crux of the ping pong nature of these signs. Scorpion magnetism can be stronger than the beauty of the Taurus, but both slide along this scale back and forth from each other.

This Full Moon is Supported by Saturn and Capricorn in a big way, so this is about targets.  Where are you going?  You might find yourself asking where your relationship is heading, are you valued?  At work?  At home?  You might feel stressed and emotional about it.  That’s OK but take time to ask yourself; What’s the worst that could happen?  If you take that RISK into the UNKNOWN, and you lose all your money, what would happen?  Would you have people to support you?  Would you just get a new job?  Keep asking what’s the worst that could happen (idea taken from Tim Ferris in the 4 Hour Work Week.)  When getting you to consider a new way of living he asks us to write a list:


What’s the worst that could happen?

I wouldn’t have any money to pay my bills.

So then what?

I would have to borrow money from my friends and family.

So then what?

I would have to go back to another job…


etc… keep asking: So then what?  

Until you realise that the risk of not trying is probably worse than the risk of trying and failing.  Unless you are entirely risk averse and love Routine, Income, Industry, Corporate Decision Making and Subsidised Lunches.  In this case, a small change to your work life balance could be enough.

 Then it’s up to you to decide whether you can move out of the stagnant waters (Scorpio Moon!) and shake things up!  The Moon has also just had a chat with Uranus and feels ready to do something a little different.


For me, this moon is all about getting rid of excess emails, excess stuff, excess food (it’s in my 6th house!) and being really firm in with work boundaries.  I need (moon) to work (6th house) so it’s OK to do that and not get caught up in other people’s plans.  As always, I sort of come to these conclusions before I write all this.  I spent yesterday freaking out about how much I have to do and cancelled most of my weekend plans.  I LIKE it, I have ideas (Sun Uranus) and I need (Moon) to spend time (Saturn) nurturing them (Moon.)

The Full Moon is always a time to balance our needs with the needs of others.  With this particular lunation it’s about our focus, goals, excess clutter and who we trust.

Less is more.

For more info on how this illuminates your chart I’ll be doing some live readings on Monday Morning – so reach for me then!  hello@francescaoddie.com

Big love,

F xx

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