Where Libra loves to share, Scorpio doesn’t, if Scorpio opens up to you, it merges entirely. Intensely private, possessive, calculated, fiercely loyal, totally focused. Scorpio is an intense, controlled and powerful sign. I think that Scorpios are the best of the best and the worst of the worst. They are the most charming, considerate, thoughtful, loyal, dynamic, magnetic, interesting, transformative, determined and giving people you can meet. They can also be the most hateful, perverse, addicted, selfish, violent, unreasonable, manipulative, nasty arseholes around. What is wonderful about Scorpio is that they can always transform, they have the potential to start again, “this is me, a new leaf” and if they mean it, it happens. They have powerful energy reserves and seem to need less rest than most of us; they keep on going. They must stay healthy, just like all the fixed signs; they will HOLD on to hurts and let them fester within. Learning to let go is very important for everyone, especially the Taurus / Scorpio axis. Loyalty can be a vice when it’s this extreme, they call it stalking. However, as I said, the best of the best, we all have to watch our “shadow side” particularly Scorpio. Holding on to anger only burns the person holding it.