Tomorrow, there’s a solar eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces conjunct Neptune.  That’s some serious mystical energy! 
Eclipses are powerful times of endings and beginnings… remember that every ending is also a beginning and every beginning is also an ending.

As this is in Pisces the energy is about the way things feel, our ideas, imagination, energy and connections to others. There is the potential to cast a spell and for everything to change in the blink of an eye. Spell out (with good spelling) what you want to achieve. SET YOUR INTENTIONS! BELIEVE 💫It’s amazing what clear focus and heart felt desire can achieve. I’ve been working with manifesting more and more over the past few months.  It’s made me appreciate the value of being really clear about what you want to see in your life… it’s really so important.  When you’re clear, amazing things can happen.  Especially at this time!

So how does it fall, how can you use this eclipse energy to focus your life? It’s from your Rising Sign.. if Pisces rising it’s your first house, if you’re rising Aquarius it falls in your second house, rising Capricorn it probably falls in your 3rd house… and so on. Here are some suggestions to where you might invite or see change over the next week. ✨✨✨

Pisces Rising, Pisces 1st House (from 8 degrees Pisces onwards) – how do you appear to people? Alter your persona, the lens through which people see you and how you see the world. 🦄

2nd House – your values and possessions, what do you own and take pride in?

3rd House – how you communicate and travel daily.

4th – change in the home, your family and your base.

5th – a new hobby, children or creative outlet.
6th – new job or routine, increased health and fitness perhaps.
7th – relationship, with another via work or love.
8th – change to your finances and increased depth and insight with a very significant other. 💰
9th – new travels or studies, a flash of new perspective regarding other cultures.
10th – a new career, a boost as a boss. An opportunity to lead or the end of a leadership.
11th – new friends, changes to the groups you mix in. Charitable inclinations?
12th – a shift in perspective, spiritual connection and new dreams?


How to Manifest?

This is my current process…

Clean the room, clean everything!  Burn some frankincense and ensure the air is calm.

Write down what I’m looking for, set out a crystal grid and light some candles.

Most importantly, make sure your heart’s desire is clear.  Also, don’t focus on other people and how you want to change them… always focus on improvement of yourself.


Enjoy this weekend!


Big love,