One piece of homework I did last year was to think of each sign and to then suggest their ideal job role.  I spent AGES thinking about it and only recently had my work marked – so now I know I can share it with you!

I got some other homework back recently with a comment in the margin about my understanding of the sign Cancer.  Unfortunately,  it’s nearly impossible to be totally clear in the qualities of each sign as we see everything through our own filter.  Luckily I’m rising Gemini with Mars in Aquarius so my action, seeing and doing is all quite detached and rational.  However, I do see Cancer through the eyes of a Sagittarius.  I see emotion, need and attachment and what I missed is their need to BELONG.   So, that’s something for all independent types to remember!  Some people long to belong somewhere, we are not all born to ROAM FREE!

When looking at your career path you need to consider your star sign (your sun sign) your rising sign and what is on your mid-haven.  These three tell you lots about the way you like to work and what job would suit you.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Aries – Entrepreneur. 

Aries are brilliant entrepreneurs, they get things moving.  They have absolute belief in themselves and their idea which enables them to pitch for funding, hire great staff and put the best foot forward.  Resilience, swift action, an ability to innovate and high energy puts them in a good position for success.

Taurus – An ideal landscape gardener

They love beauty, are practical, earthy and love nature.  They work hard, they are reliable, solid, driven to earn money and like to work at their own pace.  Appreciating nature and taking lunch breaks in the open air.  They also love to make gardens and summer houses that are beautiful, lasting and durable.

Gemini – A perfect front of house / office manager

This person is intelligent, capable and articulate. They can ensure the office runs smoothly, that everyone is informed and welcomed the same way they will be interested and remember qualities about everyone in the office.   They can multitask effectively, ensure memos are circulated and ensure fantastic communications.

Cancer- Nursery Nurse

A Cancer would be a great nursery nurse, they nurture young children, really care, are imaginative and creative, making the children feel safe, loved and happy.  As they value family and history, they will also connect well with the parents of the children discussing the little ones with genuine relish and commitment.

Leo – Managing Director

A Leo is great at building a business, bringing people together, and forming a strong force… for delegation.  They will have no problem empowering others to work well on their behalf and reward them generously for their efforts.  Their energy and charisma will ensure workers grow and thrive and so a business will grow as will their ego and pride.  They love to be the boss!

Virgo – PA

Attention to detail, good working attitude, precise, aware and discerning.  The PA gets on quietly, with a lack of ego, happily organising and improving the wild acts and chaos of the MA / entrepreneur.  The Virgo PA is efficient, reliable and obliging; the perfect PA.

Libra – PR

Libran’s are excellent at PR they can impress clients, build relationships with them and then communicate a beautiful portrayal of their business.  They will ensure that brands represent themselves in a way that is pleasing to the eye and that their message will be well received.

Scorpio – Detective

The scorpion detective is excellent at being subtle, secretive and discreet.  They notice everything, have stamina and persevere to find what they need to know.  They are tenacious and do not give up until they either confirm or deny their suspicions.  They love to undercover details.

Sagittarius – Sales Rep

Sagittarians need freedom to thrive.  Restrictive office environments will be too contained for a clumsily spoken individual. Their energy and thirst for life needs to be shared, sales makes perfect sense.  Positivity, enthusiasm, a massage that needs to be taught/ communicated will be delivered by an honest individual and products and ideas will be sold. 

Capricorn – Accountant

The stereotypical accountant is almost synonymous with Capricorn.  Boring, reliable, fixed, dry, sober and reserved.  Excellent professionals who work hard and qualify in serious trade.  With age, they climb the career ladder and get more authority, and relax as they relish their achievements and success.  They will be happy when they are in charge!

Aquarius – Web Builder

Aquarius loves to use their forward thinking intellect to create new methods of working.  Creating apps and building websites enables them to use their quick mind and work independently.  Giving them freedom to work in bursts when creativity and inspiration strike!

Pisces – Artist

Pisces can use images, colours and ideas to convey things to the world that they may not be able to articulate.  Pisces absorb what is around them and are so quiet and gentle that they do not make themselves heard.  Eventually their inner world and interpretations are expressed with art.

Don’t take this too literally you can be whatever you want to be but there is truth in lots of these features.  I’m a Sagittarius, Gemini, Capricorn combination.  Therefore communication, travel, writing, learning, but also building something and being in charge are all things I love.  You will never catch me doing detailed admin or having a reliable 9-5 job. So if you are unsure of what you want to do, this can be a good place to sit down and think about what you would like to do!  ULTIMATELY, your SUN is your destiny… your true happiness comes from living out it’s natural state.  However, the chart will reveal other clues about what you want to do and how you find purpose.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Frank x