I love the New Moon and how much more chilled it is than the full on insanity of the Full Moon. Though everything has it’s time and place!  I love sitting here on my bed, with a cup of herbal tea and my feet up.  I love the pause it brings and being able to just relax. I love that I’m not leading an event!  HOW much  I loved August and all the festivals, all the amazing people I met.  HOW MUCH I love sitting around in my PJs with a towel on my head, fresh from the shower!  Candles burning. Radio on.

I feel the presence of this FRESH START very keenly.  The back to school vibes are everywhere.  I’m desperate to refresh, renew and enter a new phase.  My whole life is marked out my school years and the new person who arrived at school every September.  It’s always different; a new classroom, new teacher, new shoes, new timetable.  That’s September for you and that’s what we now need to keep doing for ourselves!

The anticipation of something can be far more dramatic than when it actually happens.  That sick feeling I always had at the end of August, that same feeling I used to get in my tummy even when I was 17 and we rounded the last few bendy streets to get to school always faded quickly when I saw my pals and started chatting.

“You’ll be fine when you get there.”

… all the trips and adventures I’ve put myself through over the years were so stressful before I left. I’m usually terrified about getting on the plane and making that first move alone into the unknown, but I always settled into the adventure and loved it.

The next phase and transition starts here with this Virgo reset.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and Mercury is at home, in the sign of Virgo, just leaving a perfect grand trine with Uranus and Saturn. NEW RULES. As India Knight wrote in the Sunday Times Magazine today;

“If we’re being efficient, I should also point out the it is this time of year, and not silly January 1st, that lends itself best to the making of small, manageable resolutions.  January is a hopeless time to try and make life changes – you’re knackered from December, it’s dark at 4pm, everything looks desolate and dead: who in their right mind would decide to punish themselves further?

September though, is perfect.  It’s light enough and warm enough to feel that the world is still full of possibilities: use the tail end of summer as a springboard to launch a new, improved version of you into the tail end of the year.”

I couldn’t have put it better.

Though I will be telling you to make resolutions in January anyway.  But both the New Moon in Capricorn and the New Moon in Virgo are perfect organised and ordered times to manifest some very real, earthy, grounded and practical resolutions.  Taurus too I suppose, but Taurus is less ambitious and studious than her sister earth signs.  Taurus more into food, sex and massage… Anyway.

In addition

Other things to mention:  Mars is at the final degree of Capricorn and man alive is he ready to build some new structures.  Whilst his lover Venus thought she was ready for passion, intensity, connection, lust and emotional merging has surprised herself with her detached approach.  They are both more keen to work than get lost in passion.

Jupiter and Pluto are supporting the LUNATION that is being opposed by dream weaver Neptune.  Without them, we could probably get a bit LOST and unable to focus… however as he’s here CREATIVE and EXPANSIVE visions are on the cards.  It’s still tempting to plan too much and be a TAD unrealistic.  So take the time to connect to what feels right and tone yourself down.  CLEAR out what you don’t need, refine, enhance, sift for gold. You might find gold in the clarity your forward planning provides you with.  OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS when you create opportunities for yourself via focussed intention.

Writing your New Moon wish list is the best first STEP to clarity, intention and magic.



These are the things to consider when manifesting and planning:

  • Diet Starts Today
  • Work / Routine
  • Getting ORDERED (chuck out anything that doesn’t resonate with you anymore (enjoy the detached feels out there at the moment.)  The clothes that you might wear one day… do they FEEL like you?  If not, CIAO.  Enhance your vibe.
  • HELPFUL – I TRY to be helpful…
  • ORDER.  Order. Order. Order is everything, even when Neptune is whispering in your ear that none of it matters.  It does matter.
  • Though, relax that need for perfection.


“I want to easily find myself analysing the problem of……. in a way that produces productive, happy results.”

“I want the habit of working at the expense of living a balanced, happy life easily lifted from me.”

I want to easily find myself focusing on the positive results I want to create in the situation of……”



Burn some sage, frankincense or aromatherapy oil to calm the vibe.  Light a candle and set your intentions by writing town your ten wishes.  Put the piece of paper under whichever crystal chooses you, light another candle and sit back.

ENJOY THE RELAX.  The New Moon is the best excuse to relax, reset and put your energy into setting the tone for the next few months.

Big love,

F xx