I don’t know why I stopped blogging frequently!  Well I do… Instagram took over.  However I used to LOVE sitting and rambling at my keyboard.  It’s 100% more satisfying than FAFFING around with hashtags.  But the interaction on Instagram makes it worth it, so there we go.

Something hit me today, I realised that my shoulders don’t hurt anymore.

You know how when you have a cold you think to yourself, next time I feel well I’m really going to appreciate just not feeling horrendous.  Then you do for a day before going back to complacency.  (Gratitude lists have their place.  Derren Brown and his pessimistic stoicism can DO ONE.)

Anyway – part of this journey to becoming full time witch started with the pain in my shoulders.  2008, 2009, 2010 I was riddled with aching back and shoulders.  Now and again I would go for a massage but I couldn’t afford the sheer volume I needed!  Full of tension and always complaining EVENTUALLY enough people said, “have you tried yoga?” to the point that when my pal was selling a Groupon, I purchased it and toddled off to hot yoga even though I was the *least* yoga person in the whole wide world.

When I was traveling in 2005, I was sitting on some stone steps in Croaitia, writing postcards when some strangers asked me why I was so Frantic.  “It’s my name!” Waaaaaay. Seriously.  I still am full-speed, hyper and my brain goes at some sort of sonic speed (it’s all in my chart, NATCH.)  Nonetheless, yoga.  It’s crucial for people like me.  Whenever I see clients who are full of fire and air I tell them, get yo’ self to yoga.  “I couldn’t! It’s not for me!” They protest.  Ok, go boxing, but meditate too.  It’s the cure.  It’s all a strange coincidence that yoga people tend to be spiritual.  I was wonderfully but absolutely ignorant.

7 years later and I’ve just realised, I’m not in pain anymore!  This has been a slow journey and I’m still tense but NOTHING like I was.  So upon this Virgo New Moon I thought I would share this story.  Particularly considering the other planetary aspects to the New Moon.

Virgo is all about health and a stressed out Virgo will spend all night stressing out and visiting the loo.  Their inner turmoil heads straight to their nerves!  Virgo rules the intestines.  The role of Virgo energy is to discriminate, judge, filter, assess, order, reorganise etc… that’s why they are so good at working as a PAs or as Doctors.  They take information and sort it out (just like the intestines sorting out our nutrients.)  The difficulty with Virgo can be that they don’t know when to stop.  They don’t naturally chill out, they keep on stressing, moving things around (even if it is just in their head.)  Constantly trying to improve and reach perfection.  Exhausting!

Meditation and relaxation is great for these busy bees.

The New Moon will touch all of us, it will fall in a section of our chart and it’s a time for us to put these processes in place.  At 6.29am tomorrow (UK) you have 8 hours to make a wish, plant up to ten seeds of intentions.  At least just meditate on your life and think, hmmm what part of my health am I grateful for but also, what could I alter?

Some suggestions taken from Jan Spiller’s great book

  • I want all feelings of inadequacy relative to health totally lifted from me.
  • I want to easily attract, recognise and begin taking those herbs, vitamins, minerals, that help me restore my body and mind to perfect health and vitality.
  • I want to easily find myself creating neatness and order in my home.
  • I want to easily find myself analysing the problem of ****** in a way that produces productive, happy results.”
  • I want the habit of obsessive worrying totally lifted from me.

The themes of things to focus on tomorrow are: heath, organisation, helpfulness, worry, order, diet and work.

I’m still not writing horoscopes because I don’t vibe with them.  I probably need to start getting on board with them!

My mission back in the day was to SIMPLIFY astrology.  I have gone off piste and been writing about nodes, karma and Uranus conjunctions.  All of that is so relevant and I love to talk it through with those of you who want to learn and understand how it works.  However, for those of you who just want solutions… Diet start’s tomorrow! (20th September 2017.)  It’s the perfect day to really start thinking about what you eat, how you live, the clutter you have amassed and the kindness you have in your heart.

Virgo is kind, they really want to help you.  First, they need to help themselves by relaxing, looking after themselves, eating well and articulating what they feel.

We all have this within us, somewhere governing our home, relationships, work, travels, friends, siblings, hobbies.  So BEFORE you pick up your phone tomorrow morning.  Decide which habit you are going to drop (doing just that, not picking up your phone for 30 minutes after you’ve woken up is a great place to start!) write it down on paper and put your best foot forward.

The magic of the new moon is on your side.

Create a new reality.

Big love,

F xxx